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Mima Kojima - Paradox

Mima Kojima


Milky Bomb Records

Released: 18th November 2013 | 4 track industrial dance ep

Milky Bomb Records present...

'Paradox', the follow up to the 'Granfather' EP, released earlier this year. We now continue Mima's journey in through the world of the sound blitz. This final instalment completes his two part series with noise, bass and internal screaming made by the most favourite of electrical components. You'll f**king love it! Or, you'll f**king hate it! Yes, it may be like sonic Marmite, but you'll not be able to spit this out without a fight.

Continuing the tampered sounds coerced by Mr Korg and a glorious range of computer software. We have tracks such as 'The Quiet Ones Are Always The Noisiest' and 'Grandfather'. These will make your dance moves look.. Cool! On the flipside 'Mima Will Get Her Revenge' and 'Godless Choir' are tracks you want busting out! Reminiscing the crazed dance moves from the night before, you'll still be twitching whilst making your much needed Sunday morning cheese-on-toast.

Look out for the follow up from Mima Kojima in 2014.

From the Grandfather EP: through their paces... admirably snotty... - Right Where You Are Sitting Now 7/10

"Fascinating. Glitchy and seemingly chaotic, but I hear vague patterns underneath. COOL."
Lee Adcock, GoldFlakePaint/Soundscape Memoirs
"...unsettling quality..."
Jim Fletcher, BackSeat Mafia