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Thirteen - D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D.



Milky Bomb Records

Released: 26th March 2012 | 3 track alt metal single

Milky Bomb Records present...

The Alternative Jazz-Grunge outfit that is Thirteen with their new release: a funk/rock-infused jewel titled D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D. Do we know what that stands for? Do we heck! Does the band have any idea? They do, but are keeping their lips firmly sealed. Who cares though, the tune is catchy as hell and will infect your bones quicker than mad cow disease!

D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D. is taken from the forthcoming EP The Bedroom Sessions, but the single also features two remixed tracks from Thirteen's debut album, Degraded Jazz Tones (the Regraded versions). These remixes both feature vocalist Oli P. and come highly recommended to fans of eclectic underground music.

- Released in 2010, Degraded Jazz Tones was well received with three tracks appearing on the Factory Media DVD - Moto Blitz.

Kicking off this single: D.H.B.C.S.I.A.W.D. is as addictive as it is random. The dynamics lift and drop with dark underlying guitar tones, diverse vocal ability and a jazz-funk driven bass line.

Pandora has a backbone of ska injected right down the middle but in contradiction to the hook-like riffs of ska punk; this eclectic yet catchy composition is unpredictable in nature.

The final track, Fly By Worlds starts deceptively tranquil but there is a darkness brooding beneath; let the subtle Jeff Buckley-esque voice of Oli P. soothe you. The song starts dark, eerie, and haunting but quickly yanks you awake in true Thirteen style with total insanity.

"...a noise like you've probably never heard before... 8/10"
Colin Jackson, Loud Horizon, UK
"the black metal vocal sequences are quite something"
Captain Fidanza, Collective Zine