Symbolism by Megalomatic - Milky Bomb Records [MBR016] FLAC download included with physical items


A 5 track progressive metal ep (21m 22s) — released September 15th 2017 on Milky Bomb Records

Milky Bomb Records present: Megalomatic - Symbolism EP.

- "You don't find many modern Scottish bands singing about fairy tales or fantasy." - Craig Mckenzie, Megalomatic. Read on...

Formed in 2013, by McKenzie, drummer Jamie Barnes and bassist Ben Reffin, Megalomatic do indeed sing about real life issues and they do so with equal parts muscle and heart. A power trio whose musical might comes across as a mixture of Biffy Clyro by way of Mastodon, Megalomatic have proven, over the course of their young career, that heavy music can have profound emotional resonance.

While the band's debut album Hunt For The Midnight Sasquatch showcased their penchant to play metal that was informed as much by Black Peaks as it was by "South Park," the band's new EP Symbolism is a jaw-dropping batch of new material that represents a massive creative leap forwards both lyrically and sonically.

While Megalomatic can play it dark, fast and heavy, their songs have surprising breaks and shifts that catch the listener off guard and beg for repeat listens. Their varied musical tastes that range from Snoop Dogg to Ice Cube to Everything Everything, demonstrate that this is a band that draws inspiration from the least likely of places.

This can best be evinced in Megalomatic's pre-show ritual, which is perhaps one of the more surprising reveals you'll run into all year.

"As a band we hype ourselves up before playing a show," McKenzie laughs, "by listening to Will Smith - in the car and before we hit the stage."

To start the ball rolling, Megalomatic start their UK tour with an EP launch with DF Concerts in Glasgow, 15th Sept., 2017.

I'm not seeing a bunch of Biffy, but it is wicked! - Daniel P. Carter Radio 1 Rock Show

These guys have taken rock right back to its barest bones here, & I just love it! ... Totally unpretentious & very thought provoking! - Way Out Radio, UK

Symbolism' most certainly will be a return listen time and time again which is guaranteed to take you to a different place on each occasion. - Miff Morris Revel Rouser

A Yellow Car, A Golden Chariot” is a throaty blast of sheer metal bliss - Alex Green Author, California, USA

Mckenzie, Barnes, Reffin, A.K.A. Megalomatic, deliver a firestorm - Daniel Touré weknomusic, UK

Fans of Mastodon, Black Peaks and Reuben should take notice... - James Fitzgerald MOSH

...ferocious, riff-tastic tour-de-force... - Martin Williams Evening Times

A Yellow Car, A Golden Chariot' has a hell of a groove going on, and wouldn't be out of place on a classic era Pantera album... Silky cranks it up again, capping one of the best metal releases I've heard this year. - Campbell Stewart New Hellfire Club, Glasgow

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